Lisa Pickoff-White

Multimedia Reporter and Producer

Death at San Jose nursing home leaves family in search of answers

Harold Schreifels died at the Homewood Care Center in San Jose after his blood sugar dipped dangerously low. The home has cut staffing even as it has received about a million dollars in additional funds.

I worked with print reporter Christina Jewett as she interviewed several families about deaths and nursing home spending. We decided together that the Schreifels story translated well to video and I accompanied her on reporting trips down to San Jose. This story, and the multimedia accompaniments, was one of California Watch’s Pulitzer entries. The video, database and print stories were picked up and run in several newspapers across California, including the San Francisco Chronicle and Orange County Register and on KQED online.

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SF Bay Guardian | Making a marriage: Meet Jen & Iris

This video is part of a larger interactive project on Gay marriage in San Francisco before the vote on Proposition 8. This video was shot and produced by me.

Making a Marriage is an interactive piece examining what makes a same-sex marriage. Meet Jen and Iris a lesbian couple from Atlanta as they get ready, go to city hall and say their vows.

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SF Bay Guardian | Altered Barbie show

A night with Barbie at the annual San Francisco event showcasing altered Barbies from area artists. The show continues at the Art 94124 Gallery until August 17.

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SF Bay Guardian | Power tool drag races

Nitro-burning red rocket cars. Rat-driven grinders. Cheerleaders in fishnets. And beer-guzzling fans all came out for the seventh San Francisco power tool drag races.

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SF Bay Guardian | Meet the makers

The third annual Maker Faire in San Mateo brought out some of the country’s most innovative inventions, ranging from lounge wheelchairs and mind machines to human-sized mousetraps and better crocheting. Shot and produced with Rhyen Coombs.

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SF Bay Guardian | Torch disappearing act disappoints

Mayor Newsom toyed with demonstrators and spectators alike by changing the Olympic torch relay route on Wednesday in San Francisco. While the day dawned with anticipation, by the afternoon the city turned into one big treasure hunt to find the elusive torch.

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SF Bay Guardian | Brides of March

More than 200 men and women streamed down San Francisco’s streets on Saturday, March 15 for the tenth annual Brides of March event.

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Berkeley Daily Planet | Code Pink dresses to scare away marines

Code Pink protesters dressed in their Halloween best to kick-off a month-long daily protest against the Marine Recruitment that opened in downtown Berkeley. This video received thousands of hits on YouTube within several hours. Produced with Andi McDaniel.

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