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KFOG | One man’s trash…

I traveled to Beijing before the Olympic games to learn about how regular people were being affected by the games.  This radio story aired on KFOG.

In China it’s illegal to move without government permission. But this hasn’t stopped millions of migrants who move around the country, especially from rural areas to Beijing. These migrants cannot use public schools, hospitals or receive government aid. They regularly face police harassment and possible jail time.  There I met Zhou who’s willing to risk all this just to make living digging through other people’s trash.

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KALX | Restaurants struggle with Healthy San Francisco

In January the San Francisco Health Care Security Ordinance went into affect. Now, all for-profit employers with more than 20 workers have to offer health insurance to their employees or pay a fee to the city.

This ordinance hit many city restaurants especially hard, since most hadn’t offered health insurance before. I spoke to customers, waitresses and managers to see how the ordinance has changed things.

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KFOG | From foreclosures to homelessness

The mortgage crisis is forcing renters and owners alike out of their homes. After almost a year, friends and family face can no longer house them, and so many people are turning to already overextended homeless shelters. I visited one of San Francisco’s largest shelters and service centers, Glide, to meet the people on the front lines of homelessness.

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