Price Check: A community-created guide to health costs

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Price Check: A community-created guide to health costs

No database yet exists where consumers can easily look up costs. KQED teamed up with and KPCC to win a Knight Prototype Grant to ask users to help us make health care costs transparent.  I led the product team at KQED, working closely with our partners to launch an embeddable form for users to submit […]

Death at San Jose nursing home leaves family in search of answers

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Harold Schreifels died at the Homewood Care Center in San Jose after his blood sugar dipped dangerously low. The home has cut staffing even as it has received about a million dollars in additional funds. I worked with print reporter Christina Jewett as she interviewed several families about deaths and nursing home spending. We decided […]

Displaying staffing rates for California nursing homes

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Users can explore in detail the 645 nursing homes that gained the most under a 2004 law designed to help hire more caregivers and boost wages. The database shows each home’s revenue under the new law, net income, staffing rates and staffing wages. Also,  users can sort through facilities with a google map displaying homes […]

Launching California Watch

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California Watch, a branch of the Center for Investigative Reporting, launched online in January 2010. I helped lead the development and design effort, working with contract designers and developers, editors and reporters to decide everything from new features, content organization, work flow and design. We brainstormed as an editorial team to decide on features, while […]

It happens at midnight

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My masters project explores the resurgence of midnight movies. The project won the 2009 ONA Small Team Student Award, the 2009 Wired Excellence in New Media Award and was a finalist for the 2010 SXSW Interactive Student award. It features more than 26 minutes of fully produced video and 3,000 words. I produced and shot […]

SF Chronicle | You decide who gets California’s water

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I created an interactive flash game for The Chronicle/ on California water usage and wrote a full page article for the paper on distribution issues. Over three months I conducted all of the reporting and did all of the shooting and production myself. View the game.

KFOG | One man’s trash…

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I traveled to Beijing before the Olympic games to learn about how regular people were being affected by the games.  This radio story aired on KFOG. In China it’s illegal to move without government permission. But this hasn’t stopped millions of migrants who move around the country, especially from rural areas to Beijing. These migrants […]

KALX | Restaurants struggle with Healthy San Francisco

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In January the San Francisco Health Care Security Ordinance went into affect. Now, all for-profit employers with more than 20 workers have to offer health insurance to their employees or pay a fee to the city. This ordinance hit many city restaurants especially hard, since most hadn’t offered health insurance before. I spoke to customers, […]

KFOG | From foreclosures to homelessness

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The mortgage crisis is forcing renters and owners alike out of their homes. After almost a year, friends and family face can no longer house them, and so many people are turning to already overextended homeless shelters. I visited one of San Francisco’s largest shelters and service centers, Glide, to meet the people on the […]

KALX | Shot

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If you’re going to talk about shots, you might as well fire a couple. Vianna Davila and I created this two-part story for a show about “shots:. It explores our longtime fear of guns and why we decided to try shooting for the first time.